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Take your high school or college debate team paperless by storing, viewing, and managing your team's evidence

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Centralize and backup your evidence backfiles in the cloud. Make sure everyone on the teams has access to the same evidence. Prevents constant duplication of files.

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Truly become a part of the paperless debate movement. Most of the paper waste in debate is due to the consistent cutting and copying and recopying evidence.

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For travelling debate teams, paper backfiles need to be checked on planes. With the additional airline carryon fee, it could reach between $2,000 to $4,000 a year.

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Why not use thumbdrives? Great question

They can get lost or stolen. What happens if a team loses their thumbdrive and can't find a replacement. They are going to lose. Also, thumbdrives can get deleted or corrupted. Let's not even talk about the risk for viruses.


Can an entire tournament use it? Sure!

A school can hold a tournament where each team use the same information to even the playing field. Each team can have an account to log in and see the evidence to create their arguments.


Can I use DebateOS Okay.

DebateOS is a Linux OS using open-source software designed specifically for debaters. Because Debate Card is a web app, you would be able to access it on Linux, Mac, or Windows.

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Everything public? Yes

All logged in users can create cards and view all of the cards in one place. The biggest reason is to encourage public knowledge and increase the availablity of quality evidence in the activity. We believe in the Open Evidence Project so anyone can have access to all of evidence.